Little Angels Learning Center  - "Your child's home away from home"
Our Philosophy...

At Little Angels Learning Center, we feel that the formative years are the most important years of a child's life. These years are so important because this is where values, attitudes, and behaviors take root. 

It is imperative to our philosophy to:
  • Provide a healthy and safe child-oriented environment for optimum growth and development 
  • Offer positive reinforcement for socially acceptable behavior 
  • Provide an educational component that will be fun
  • Provide a variety of materials to meet the needs of every child
  • Provide opportunities for exploration and discovery 
  • Encourage feelings and self expression


It is our belief that with love, care, and encouragement, a child will emerge to be a confident and secure individual. 

 Little Angels strives to provide beneficial experiences which will help your child to:

  • Learn to work and play independently and in small groups
  • Value self rights and the rights of others
  • Increase language skills and communication 
  • Develop problem solving skills 
  • Develop self-control and responsibility 
  • Develop creativity 

More Information.:

For more information, please contact us by filling out our form, making an appointment, or stopping by! 
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